Big Picture Meeting

Big Picture Meeting

To develop a project that will meet your needs at a cost you can afford, it is important to take a Big Picture view of what is needed and what is available. The long experience that the Arcana team has puts them in an ideal position to partner you in developing the ideal project for you.

Here are some of the factors that need to be considered in developing this Big Picture:

  • What are the current issues and challenges to be addressed: whether there is a draft coming in through the window, whether the mechanism is broken, or perhaps you just want to change the window design, this examination is critical to make sure the solution provided is going to resolve it.
  • What are the available different solutions and which ones will best address the issues as well as fit your taste.
  • Scheduling constraints to be considered for the project. It might be as simple as a critical issue to be resolved before an upcoming winter or maybe this is part of a bigger renovation where it needs to fit into the overall renovation project schedule.
  • The budget available for the project and whether there are any promotions or rebate programs that can be used.

In this process, the Arcana Project Consultant is working for you. All of the knowledge and experience of the Arcana Team is available to be applied in developing the right solution for you.

A well-handled meeting early in your search should get you on the right track and ensure that you get the solution that best fits your needs on time and within budget. The sooner the better. Since the Big Picture meeting is on a no-obligation basis and is free, there is little reason why it should be delayed provided a convenient time can be set for it.  The sooner you do this the more time you will save and the better will be the final result. Call us now for this no-obligation meeting with one of our consultants.