Cutting Energy Waste – We Can Help

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frosty window

Treading lightly on the Earth was and is the sage advice of the indigenous people who live in North America.  If you wish the Earth be available to your grandchildren, then you must act in a sustainable way. This sentiment is now reflected in the policies being advocated to protect the Earth against global warming. […]

Doors 101

10 Benefits of Sliding Doors

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If you are considering installing or replacing exterior sliding doors, you may find the following list of benefits useful in your decision. Undoubtedly you will be making a very wise choice. 1. Energy Efficiency By design, sliding doors will help to retain your indoor air. Installing double pane glass doors will minimize the heat loss. […]


How to brighten your home

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Bright Light Room

Does your home feel a little dreary and dark? Would you like it to look brighter as you enter a room? There are a host of things you can do. Let us look at some of your options. The key decision is whether you will work with the light that presently enters your home or […]