About Us

About Us

For close to 30 years, Arcana Windows and Doors has been installing and replacing windows and doors from its base in Hamilton, Ontario. With this knowledge and experience, the Arcana team can help you choose the details of the project as you may have dreamed of it and with a budget that you can afford.

The key principle that guides every project we do is that the client must be 100% satisfied with the final result. We are not finished until the client says so. This works because at the very start we work with the client to ensure the project in every detail is precisely what they hope to see. With this shared vision of the project, we then have the knowledge and skills to deliver exactly as promised.

Arcana Windows and Doors is a Certified Window Wise Dealer satisfying standards set by the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada (SAWDAC). The Window Wise program gives you:

  • A full 5 year transferable guarantee
  • A trained, certified window dealer and window installation contractor
  • Random job inspections to ensure contractor workmanship and customer service
  • High quality, Energy Star efficient windows
  • Registration of your window replacement job ensuring all product and installation criteria have been met
  • Peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens to the window manufacturer or the contractor, they are protected by an industry-backed guarantee
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In the pages that follow, you will find more on who is in the team, the commitment to you that we all share and how we develop our shared project definition. We have many customers who can attest to how we deliver on this promise. You can read the reviews from some of them elsewhere on this site. Why not contact us now for a no-obligation meeting to hear how we can help.