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Window and Door Structural Alterations

No project is too small or too big!

Arcana can handle projects with off-the-shelf items, as well as projects that seek something more. There are two types of projects which require more technical excellence, in any case Arcana is delighted to discuss your needs and how the challenges can be met.

The two types are:

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the perfect job at the best possible cost.

Whether you want to convert a window to a door, a door to a window, create a new opening entirely, enlarge a basement window for egress, or maybe you require some special exterior finishing. Whatever the project requires, we have what it takes to be a one stop shop for all your project needs.

Unique Designs

Your home can be a signal to the world of what you regard as important. Having a home that uniquely reflects your personality can bring particular pleasure.

The Arcana consultants have an in-depth knowledge of high-end designs for both windows and doors. Once the products have been chosen, they can then ensure that the installation is completed with that same attention to detail and quality. They will work with you on how you can achieve what you desire at a reasonable cost.

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