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Frequently Asked Questions

Our windows and doors are available in many sizes and options. They are all custom manufactured here in Hamilton, therefore installation can vary greatly from project to project.

We cannot give you a reasonable estimate of the price for your project without accurately assessing the current condition of your windows and doors, as well as their existing openings.

All of this is done during your in-home consultation. The price of your windows will depend on the size, styles, options, and installation of the products that you choose.

In addition, pricing may vary due to the size and scope of your project. During our consultation, one of our replacement experts will give you a complete demonstration of our products and capabilities and will give you a free estimate on the spot.

It is important that one of our project consultants measure your windows from the inside and assesses the extent of your replacement project to give you an accurate quote. We are located right here in Hamilton and the in-home appointment carries no cost or obligation to purchase.
Absolutely! No project is too small. We want to earn your business in the future.
Proper installation is a key ingredient to energy efficiency – it assures the customer of the best possible window performance and optimum weather tightness. We cannot control the quality of our products unless their installation is managed by our specialists from start to finish.
If your original windows were installed correctly and aren’t leaking, retrofit windows would be a faster and less expensive solution. You will lose a small percentage of the window, but you will avoid having to tear it into your interior trim and drywall, as well as your exterior siding or stucco.
The current lead time is 5-8 weeks from signing the contract to installation. Your consultant will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeline.

We install year-round. There is very minimal time between when the old window is removed and the new window is installed into the opening. As well, we only take out one window at a time and put the new window in right away before moving on to the next one.

Winter is the time when most people need replacement windows and doors the most – waiting does not help the problem. In fact, we often offer incentives during the winter to keep our installation teams busy through the cold, slower months.

We have an extremely broad range of exterior color options as well as faux and real wood interior finishes.
Blinds between the glass are available on our entry door and patio door products. This is an attractive option however some say blinds between the glass can become service issues, and they are questionable in energy efficiency.

A poor way to detect a failed window seal is by putting your hand on the glass. Unless the temperature is 37 degrees below zero outside, it is doubtful that the feel test will work. Instead, examine the glass itself.

Fogging, hazing, or moisture between the two panes of glass means that a window seal has fogged. While a window can certainly fail and not have any moisture between the two panes, the common indicator is to see moisture.