Boost Your Backyard View

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boost your backyard view

Under the present Stay At Home requirements forced by the CORVID-19 pandemic, we have more time to look around. When you do, you may well see improvements you could make. One area you may not have considered too often is your backyard. Perhaps this is one mini-project you might consider. Check Out a Video View […]

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9 Ways to Brighten up Your Home

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whole wall window dundas ontario

As the days get longer, we all eagerly await those bright summer days. Have you ever considered that it might be pleasant to have even more brightness within your home? You might be surprised how easily that can be achieved in almost every home. Take a walk around your home and see whether any of […]

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Stay Cool During Those Hot Summer Days

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stay cool

As we leave behind those cold winter days, it would appear that with climate change we must face even hotter summer days. What are the best steps you can take to be really comfortable during these hot days? … and how can you stay cool most economically. Whereas in winter there is only one approach, […]