For many window and door installation projects, an important benefit is the reduction you will be seeing in your energy bill for your home. You would most likely wish to see that reduction sooner rather than later. However self financing a significant expenditure like this can be quite a headache.

If the required budget is a concern, we have financing available, which can make it easier for you to fund your project. Given the energy savings that you will realize, this may more than offset the financing charges and could even result in a net saving.

Some possible financing solutions Arcana Windows and Doors has for you are as follows:

  1. Monthly payments over a period between 24 and 180 months
  2. Option of payments deferral for up to 12 months

In all plans you can make lump sum payments against the capital or pay off the loan entirely at any time.

The above are subject to credit approval, yet it’s much easier to get approved for financing with us than for a loan with a bank. Contact us today to find a competitively-rated payment plan. Remember that our estimates are always provided on a no-obligation basis so that you can fully evaluate how the project will work out for you before you commit.