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GreenON Rebates for High-Performance Windows

Arcana Windows and Doors is now a participating contractor with the GreenON Rebates for Windows Program.  You can benefit with up to $5,000 in GreenON rebates by upgrading your home to ENERGY STAR®’s Most Efficient 2017 windows, through the Green Ontario Fund.

It is only common sense to protect your home from drafts and the outside elements.  You can now do this with rebates for select high-performance replacement windows. A well-insulated home allows you and your family to enjoy the perfect temperature while helping to reduce heating and cooling costs, and doing your part by reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Who Can Benefit From These GreenON Rebates for Windows?

Working with a participating contractor like Arcana Windows and Doors, Ontario residents who live in a detached home, semi, or townhome are eligible for GreenON Rebates for High Performance Windows. Renters must have the written permission of their owner/landlord.

What is the GreenOn Rebate for Windows Program?

GreenON Rebates for High-Performance Windows are available through the Green Ontario Fund and cover $500/window up to $5,000 when upgrading to select high-performance windows. High-performance windows are designed to reduce energy loss and condensation, and minimize outdoor noise.  They will help you lower your bills on heating and cooling and at the same time increase your property’s resale value.

Note: The rebate applies for each rough opening. This means that bay or bow windows with more than one glass unit qualify for a single rebate.

How it Works

Upgrading your home could not be easier. Even a high-performance window, when installed improperly can allow dust, drafts, noise, and water leaks.  Work with us at Arcana Windows and Doors.

We will prepare for you the rebate claim including all associated paperwork. All that is left for you is to review and submit the claim to the GreenON Fund after the windows have been installed.  You will receive your rebate cheque in the mail in approximately 8-12 weeks.

The Benefits You Gain By Installing High-Performance Windows

  • You increase your home’s attractiveness and resale value.
  • You reduce your heating and cooling energy costs and decrease your home’s carbon footprint.

To find out more about the GreenON Rebates for Windows Program

As participating contractors in the GreenON Rebates program, contact us and we can give you full information on how you can benefit.  In addition, you can contact GreenON Support at 1-888-728-8444 or email to get impartial answers to your window questions from their  energy experts.

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