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The biggest investment that most of us are involved with may well be our home.  Whereas we may think actively about how our other savings are growing and how we should manage them, we may overlook how much is tied up in our home. If you do think about it, then house flipping may be of interest to you. Arcana Windows can be a helpful partner here. If you are already thinking about House Flipping, then you will find useful information on the House Flipping web page

If House Flipping is a new concept for you, then you will find the following information of interest. 

Opportunities for House Flipping

Some people are always thinking about how they can improve their homes, both for their own enjoyment and as a potential profit opportunity if they choose to sell at some time. Such people are probably in the minority. Most people think carefully when they first acquire home and do whatever is necessary to make it fit their needs. After that with the time pressures we all feel, other issues become priorities. This means that there are sometimes significant improvements that can be made to the home if only time permitted.

Sometimes you are then faced with the need to move.. You have no time to make those improvements you had in the back of the mind. You must sell the house as is. This is where someone who is skilled at house flipping may see a real opportunity.  They have the skill, experience and connections to invest in those renovations that will make a house much more saleable and at a higher price.

Essential Steps in House Flipping

If you would like to take up house slipping as a business opportunity or perhaps initially as a sideline to your main activity, then there are some important things you should do. Here are some important steps as set out in the article mentioned in the footnote to this article.

1. Make a business plan.- Effective use of your available time and money is essential to success.

2. Start with what (and whom) you know.- Sometimes you may overlook important associations that you can draw on.

3. Assemble a team.

  • Business Partners or Investors
  • Realtors or Property Owners  (Or, if you know a homeowner looking to sell and willing to loan you the money for necessary repairs and renovations, owner or seller financing may work for you.)
  • Contractors and Craftspeople
  • Legal Counsel

4. Source your deal.- Carefully evaluate all opportunities taking into account the taxes and fees that will be involved.

How Arcana Windows Can Help Your House Flipping Projects

A big factor in the success of any house flipping project is how easy it will be to sell the property at a good price. The marketing of the property will depend on the curb appeal. This is strongly influenced by the doors and windows that give character and value. These renovations can be the most important investment in improving the salability of the property.

Over the years, Arcana Windows and Doors has worked on many house flipping projects. We can give you proven ideas on how best to invest in improvements.  Here is how one such house flipper, Becky Costigan, describes her experience working with us:

I have used Arcana Windows on several of my real estate investment projects. I am a repeat customer because of their professional customer service, great products, timely quotes and a price that can’t be beaten. As an investor, having windows installed on their promised timeline and at a great price point is what keeps me coming back every time.

If you are considering a house flipping project, why not contact us for a non-obligation meeting to discuss this. You will find we are straight talkers. If the project is unlikely to be a success, then we will so advise you. On the other hand we can give knowledgeable advice on what investments are appropriate to optimize your return.

Further reading on this topic

If this is something you would like to learn more about, then the following article will be helpful. It applies to the United States but most of the information is directly relevant to house flipping in Canada.

  • How to Start a House-Flipping Business: Your Essential Toolkit

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