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Bow Window Installation in Burlington, Ontario

When doing a major renovation of your home, the windows are a critical component. They will determine exactly how light and airy your home will appear. They also signal to visitors and passersby the quality of your residence. When June and Dom were doing a main floor renovation and kitchen update of their home in Burlington, they knew exactly the look that the windows must offer. They turned to Arcana Windows for advice on how to achieve that look.

Choosing the right Windows

It is sometimes surprising that with an everyday item like a window, there can be so many choices. Will they be made of wood or vinyl? Will they have the same finish outside and inside? You then must choose the type of window and again there are a multitude of choices:

  • Casement Windows, either Fixed or hinged
  • Awnings
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Geometric Shaped Windows

With such an infinity of choices, the help of a friendly consultant is inestimable. The consultant can offer you alternatives that will achieve the look you are seeking for the budget you have developed.

How to achieve the right look for the windows

June’s initial idea was to have black window frames and have this appear on both the interior and exterior of these frames. Unfortunately, as she found out in her shopping process with other windows installation companies, not many companies offer such frames. One of their friends recommended talking to Arcana Windows.

The goal in this case was to mimic the old fashioned windows that actually were made up of individual little panes of glass held within a frame. The main challenge was the big bow window in the living room at the front of the house. June was concerned that it would look too busy with black frames. Dmitry, the Arcana consultant for this project, after making sure he understood exactly what she was looking for, came up with some creative ideas. It ended up with fixed windows for most of the height, with an Awning at the top only, and with a grill only within the Awning. The grill is SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) that provides a divided lite look. The fixed windows are OL (One Lite) which is a thinner profile and which maximizes the glass area. This achieved the look that June was seeking of black divided frames without looking too busy.

The design of all the other windows matched the look achieved with the bow window. The windows are of the Casement line, either Casement, Awning, or fixed (OL), with SDL Grill on the windows at the front of the house and only at the window top.

The windows installation project

In this case, the installation was a retrofit. All windows were replaced in the existing frames. The client mentioned that she found the installation team were incredibly detail oriented and made sure that everything went in smoothly. The whole installation was completed within one day.

The client’s view of the windows installation

Here is what June wrote about their window installation project:

We are so happy with our new windows. Arcana Windows and Doors did a fabulous job!! Dmitry helped with the overall design of the windows and we could not be happier – in particular our bow window in the living room. Stunning!!! The installers were very professional, efficient, detail-oriented and left everything spotless afterwards. Overall such a great experience!  We will definitely be recommending them to our friends and have already done so.

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