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9 Ways to Brighten up Your Home

As the days get longer, we all eagerly await those bright summer days. Have you ever considered that it might be pleasant to have even more brightness within your home? You might be surprised how easily that can be achieved in almost every home. Take a walk around your home and see whether any of these nine ideas are things you should consider.

1. Cut back outside window blockers

This first idea may be something you have never thought about but perhaps there is a tree or bushes that intrude on the light at sometime during each day. Even with a pruning saw, you can make quite a difference.

2. Replace windows

Of course, the best way of creating more brightness is to bring in more light. If your windows are old and might need replacing anyway, a different design might well allow more light. For example, a bow or bay window will work better than a simple casement window.

3. Bigger windows

If the budget allows, it may be that certain rooms could benefit by having larger windows installed. A free consultation with an Arcana Windows expert can let you know the options and which is most likely to meet your needs.

4. Mirrors

People often overlook just what a mirror can do. Placed near a window it can help bounce light into the room. Larger mirrors can help a small room seem bigger too.

5. Light colours

Merely painting all the walls white can make a home feel very cold. An off-white shade will create a much warmer effect. In general, you should avoid using darker colours. In addition, choosing a paint with a satin finish will help reflect the light more than matt paint.

6. Shiny surfaces

In certain rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, shiny surfaces on units help to reflect light entering the room. This makes the space look brighter and bigger.

7. Light furniture

Another critical factor in practice is the colour of the furniture. Several dark wood massive units will dominate the view. Selecting light wood items will help to brighten up the space. Think carefully about the blinds and curtains you wish to use.  Dark arrangements can block light from entering your home

8. Artificial light

Artificial lighting should be used to complement the natural lighting coming into your home. It is particularly important in places where the natural light from the windows does not reach. That applies to awkward corners, corridors or alcoves. 

When artificial lighting is appropriate, you have a wide variety of options including different colours and dimmer arrangements. The whole can, of course, be controlled by your Smart devices.

9. Use plants as decorations

Having potted plants in your home does not really affect the brightness. However, they do help to offset the starkness that a very bright home might have. They also clean the air so they are very worthwhile additions.

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