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Boost Your Backyard View

Under the present Stay At Home requirements forced by the CORVID-19 pandemic, we have more time to look around. When you do, you may well see improvements you could make. One area you may not have considered too often is your backyard. Perhaps this is one mini-project you might consider.

Check Out a Video View With an Expert

COVID 19 is causing us to re-examine many of the activities we have been accustomed to do. Our social contacts may often be much more frequently done now via a video device. This preserves our social distancing.

You may find your doctor is willing to contact you via a video link. For you and your doctor, this can be arranged more conveniently and with less effort. If you are thinking of getting a second opinion on renovation choices, perhaps a video contact could do the trick.

A windows and doors expert from Arcana Windows could certainly work with you in this way on a no-obligation basis. Contact can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. You can then walk around and show what can be seen using either your smartphone or your tablet.

Enhance the View Through Your Windows

The most frequent way you see your backyard is from your living room or kitchen. The shape, size and placement of the windows will have a major impact on what you can see of your backyard. If they are somewhat old, it could be time to replace them. Different types of window may give you much better views. They will also undoubtedly offer better energy efficiency since improvements are being made all the time.

A Better Way to Enter Your Backyard

You should then consider the way you enter your backyard. Could that be improved by installing a different type of door? If you do not have a sliding patio door, could such a door give a better view of your back garden? Or perhaps double garden doors will give a more dramatic entrance when both are pushed open.

Your Patio Can Be More Inviting

You then arrive on your patio. Likely this is where you will spend most time enjoying your backyard. If it is looking a little worse for wear, you could consider cleaning it with a power hose and then applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. Hopefully you do not need to consider having it completely redone, given its dilapidated condition.

To make you and your guests really comfortable, think carefully about the chairs, benches and couches that you may have on the patio. The right choice of colourful cushions and blankets can make a world of difference. Adding lanterns or potted plants creates your own distinctive space.

Your Garden Can Be a Source of Pride

When it comes to the garden, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Either online or in gardening books, you can see the whole range of options you have. It can be a simple border of shrubs or you could consider a more elaborate flower bed. You could plant a decorative tree or even install a miniature waterfall. There are no wrong answers.

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