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A Bay or Bow Window for an Outstanding Home

If you have lived in your home for some years, it likely is very much set out as you like it. Would any passerby realize what a fine home you have? Installing a bay or bow window in the front of your house is one way of standing out from the crowd. If you are intrigued by this suggestion, here are some facts you may wish to think about.

The Advantages of Bay and Bow Windows

Either a bay or bow window will add a distinctive character to your home and give greater curb appeal. In a way, it brings the outside into your home. You will have more outside light coming in and you can increase the fresh air coming into your home.

At the same time, you create an alcove and if you wish you can add a ledge below the window or create a window seat. Most often you will be adding such a window to your living room. However, you can arrange one above your kitchen sink or add one in your bedroom. Whatever your choice, you can be sure you are making an attractive improvement to your home.

Key Features of a Bay Window

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A bay window, as the name suggests, creates a bay or space within the room. A typical design has a large picture window in the centre with two side windows angled outwards. This creates a boxed look from the outside. This also takes up more space on the outside. At the same time, you have created more useful space on the inside.

Key Features of a Bow Window

A typical design for a bow window consists of 4 to 6 vertical window units that are arranged in a curve. A bow window is shown at the start of this article. This protrudes slightly from the original side of your home. This takes up slightly less space on the outside than a bay window. What you gain is a beautiful panoramic view outside.

Choosing Between a Bay and a Bow Window

If the outside space is slightly restricted, it may be that a bow window is the only logical choice. If there is enough outside space, then you will need to decide which design is your preference. The bay window will give you extra inside space while the bow window may give you a more attractive view when looking outside. A bow window cannot be used in smaller openings. Typically it is a very big window going from bottom to top.

If you are seriously considering installing one of these, we encourage you to have one of our consultants come to discuss the options on a no-obligation basis. If you then decide to install a bay or bow window, you can be sure that having Arcana Windows as your installer will ensure that you have complete satisfaction with your project. We have many years of experience in installing bay and bow windows. Our customer reviews will show you that you can have complete confidence when we do the job for you.

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