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Stay Cool During Those Hot Summer Days

As we leave behind those cold winter days, it would appear that with climate change we must face even hotter summer days. What are the best steps you can take to be really comfortable during these hot days? … and how can you stay cool most economically.

Whereas in winter there is only one approach, in summer you have two options. In winter, you try to hold on to the heat you have created in your home often at great expense. In summer, you can hold on to cool air or exchange hot air for cooler air.

Good Windows Will Separate Cold from Hot

In winter it is clear that you need energy efficient windows and doors. The cost of energy is ever increasing and such features will guarantee energy savings that will be on the increase. If you are replacing windows, you should choose options that have low emissivity glass and advanced weatherstripping. This also applies if you are considering sliding patio doors or garden doors. In this way, you can guard against unwanted air leaks and will more easily maintain the indoor temperature that you wish.

By one estimate, replacing all of your windows with ENERGY STAR certified models can save you an average of 8% on your energy bill. If you are thinking of replacing some of your windows, then one of our consultants would be most happy to provide you with information on the best alternatives for you.

What is good for you in winter can help equally during those hot summer days.  Once you have colder air within your home, however that may be, it’s worth ensuring that the hotter air outside does not seep in and replace it. Air-conditioning can be very expensive to run. Once you have cooled all that hot air, you certainly want to hang on to it.

Although you may enjoy that bright sun, it is far better to keep it from heating the air inside. Draw the curtains or lower the blinds and you will find the temperature inside stays much more comfortable. If you do this early in the morning, then you can enjoy that cooler air all day.

Exchanging Cold for Hot

If you are looking for ways to stay cool in summer, then a Google search has one surprising suggestion. That is the way in which bees stay cool on hot summer days. They live together in large congested nest cavities, often in tree hollows with narrow openings. If it gets hot inside the nest, a group of bees will crawl to the entrance and use their wings as fans.

Using fans is a very effective way of exchanging the hot air inside for the cool air outside, particularly in the evening. Like the bees, you should be pushing hot air out and allowing it to be replaced by cooler air.

There are many other ways you can stay cool at a personal level and you will find many suggestions in the articles listed below.

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