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Do New Windows Increase the Value of Your Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, then naturally you take a more critical look at what potential buyers might see. Just take a walk across the street and look back at your home. Do you like what you see?

Undoubtedly the windows in your house will be an important feature as you look at your home. If you have any doubts, then it could be worth looking into replacing some or all of the windows. Particularly if the windows are old, then it may be that replacement windows could end up saving you money. It is worth looking into this and perhaps asking for an expert to discuss the options with you. One of our consultants would be most happy to have a no obligation meeting with you. Here are some of the aspects to consider.

New Windows Can Improve Curb Appeal

window curb appeal

The first and most obvious consideration is that view you took from across the street. With new windows, your home can look completely different. You can make them picture-perfect. They give a foretaste of what visitors are likely to see when they enter your home. Without that, it is possible that potential buyers could take a quick peek from their car and just keep on driving.

New Windows Can Make Your Home Brighter

windows brighter home

You spend most of your time inside your home so that will be the most important aspect for you to consider. Does every room feel inviting and is it bright enough? Do you get a large enough view of that great garden you spend so much effort on? Sometimes when you live there all the time, you may become a little unaware of what really matters.

Invite one or two friends over and ask them for ideas on what could be improved. Make sure you tell them that you really want their honest opinion since you are considering whether to make some changes. Without that, they may just say what they hope will not offend you.

For an even more informed view, ask one of our consultants to visit you. They spend their lives looking at a host of different window arrangements. In discussion, they will ask you what you are trying to do and discuss your likes and dislikes. They might then suggest a particular arrangement that you had never considered.

New Windows Can Reduce Wasted Energy

Appearance is in the eye of the beholder. Money that you may be losing because your windows allow energy to escape comes out of your wallet. Energy can be lost through inadequately insulated windows and through leaks that may be occurring around the frames. Choosing the right windows and having them installed professionally can make a significant improvement in your annual energy bill.

It is important to choose energy efficient windows. Choosing Energy Star windows gives you a guarantee that there will be minimum energy loss. Natural Resources Canada has a useful explanatory page on Energy Star windows, doors and skylights. It spells out just how much energy you may be losing. It also describes the way energy efficient windows are designed and constructed.

The following video from Natural Resources Canada gives a useful summary of what this will mean for you:

The Bottom Line – New Windows Can Improve Your Home Value

A discussion with one of our consultants can give you an idea on the likely budget for whatever window arrangement you may be considering. This may well be a wise investment if your current windows are old and are wasting energy. In all cases, you will be increasing the value of your home. That is important if you’re considering selling your home. In some ways it is even more important if you are not since you then will be enjoying the benefits of having high quality, bright windows. It is certainly worth thinking about.

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