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Does Your Front Entrance Welcome the World

As we put another hard winter behind us, it is natural to want to once more be open to the world outside our front doors. Does your front entrance welcome the world? If you stand at the edge of your property on the road and look at your home, do you like what you see? If you think there is room for improvement, there are many ways you can create a welcoming entrance.

A Charming Front Entrance

The centrepiece is of course your front door. It needs to make a good impression on anyone who is visiting. If it is old, broken or worn down, then it is difficult to compensate for that. A new front door in a rich colour with shiny new hardware can transform the overall appearance of your front entrance. There are a wide variety of styles available for almost any budget. If this is your number one concern then our article on Which Front Door Is Right for You will be helpful. A non-obligation discussion with one of our consultants can give you some ideas on what will best work for you.

Windows That Enhance Roadside Appeal

From the roadside, the windows facing onto the road have an even greater impact than your front door.  The right choice of windows can completely change the look of the house if you are somewhat dissatisfied with how it looks presently. If it really is time to change your windows, then you should look at all the possibilities your budget allows. You may be surprised at what is now available for your chosen budget. You will find a complete description of all the choices in our recent post on the Different Types of Windows.  A discussion with one of our consultants can help you decide what will work best for you.

Other Welcoming Front Yard Features

You might assume that it is the bigger budget items like doors and windows that will determine how your house appears to a visitor. However there are many other low cost items that will charm anyone who is passing by. Even the right choice of lanterns either side of the door can make an impact.

Another important way to bring colour and texture to the front of your home is to add planters. The right choice of flowers or bushes can produce a display that will brighten up your home for many months during the summer.

Sometimes even the smallest touches can make a surprising difference. Having a very visible and elegant house number will help your home stand out from the crowd. Another possibility is good outdoor lighting. This can help the best features of your home be more visible.

What Will Most Appeal to Visitors

You probably would not guess the most welcoming feature you can add. Well it is you of course. It used to be the tradition that homeowners would sit out front. Doing that can create a sense of community. All it takes is a small bench and in a way you have created an extra room. Have your coffee outside or read the morning paper. Passersby will be delighted to say hello. You may be surprised by the impact you create and the cost is minimal.

Further reading on this topic

A great deal is available on this topic and the following article  has a large number of useful suggestions that will make your front entrance a joy to the eye:
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