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How to improve the Curb Appeal of your Home

Does your home have curb appeal? Perhaps you have never thought about that but it is something that everyone who passes your home will be noting. Would friends who are visiting ever say to you, “By the way, I really love the look of your home when I arrive.” If you’re not sure whether anyone is thinking that, you may wish to consider some of the ideas you will find below.

How you Win with Curb Appeal

If you are wondering whether curb appeal is something you should think about, just imagine the pride you will feel as you come back to your home which stands out when compared with the neighbours. Your friends will be impressed when they visit you. Whenever you may be thinking of selling your home, a more impressive curb appeal can mean significant improvements in the price your home sells for.

For all these reasons, it is certainly worth taking a little time to consider how you might improve the curb appeal. Sometimes quite small changes can have a major visual impact. It is up to you how much time you want to spend on this. Below you will find some small projects you can complete in a day. If you are more ambitious, then the projects that might take a few weeks may appeal to you.

Curb Appeal Projects in a Day

With a little preplanning, the following can be done in just a few hours.

Front Door

The most important part of your home’s curb appeal is your front door. Make sure it is making a good first impression. Perhaps a coat of paint is called for. At least make sure that the door fixtures sparkle and that there are no dirty spots around the knob. You may wish to add a seasonal wreath at certain times of the year.

front doorway with wreaths 830

Renovate Hardware

Look carefully at the hardware such as the house numbers or a wall-mounted mailbox if you have one. If they are tarnished or look out of date, they can easily be replaced to give a modern and stylish appearance. That overhead light fixture is another item that should display your attention to quality fittings.

Outdoor Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting can not only highlight attractive features such as trees or walkways but will also improve the safety and security around your home. If wiring will be a problem in reaching important spots in the garden, then you can use lighting fixtures with solar powered batteries.

Containers and Flowerpots

A quick and easy way to add interest and colour is to set out containers or flowerpots with flowering or green plants. Make sure they have good potting soil to retain moisture. Watering with a little fertilizer from time to time will ensure you have a stunning display.

Curb Appeal Projects for the Weekend

The following projects take a little more planning and effort but can make a major improvement to your curb appeal.

Window Boxes

Window boxes can transform the look of the house, both as seen from the road and from inside. They are easily installed and can be purchased in a variety of materials. Painted wood window boxes work well for a cottage. More substantial window boxes of copper or iron give a more traditional look. You should choose a combination of flowers and plants based on the available light and inappropriate colours.

Planting Beds

Garden beds require more careful planning to ensure a pleasing display at all seasons of the year. You should also wander around from time to time to prune, pull out any weeds and add plants where gaps develop. If your garden beds have stone or brick borders, make sure they look tidy and replace them if they are broken and discoloured.

house entrance with flowering beds 830

Garden Gates and Fence Panels

Any garden gates or fence panels you may have will have a major impact on the curb appeal of your home. If they need to be replaced, this does not need to be a time-consuming project. There are easy to build kits which are easily assembled and give a most professional look.

Add a Fountain

The sound of tumbling water has a most calming effect. Installing a fountain gives a point of interest in the front garden, which will likely mean that your front yard stands out from its neighbours.

Curb Appeal Projects for the Next Few Weeks

If you feel that some major renovation is necessary to create the curb appeal that you desire, then it is probably advisable to get some expert help. One of the Arcana Windows and Doors consultants will be most happy to come and advise you without obligation. You may well be surprised at what can be achieved at a modest cost. These are the projects which will have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Upgrade Your Windows

The windows in your home are critical for your living comfort. If you have high quality windows, then any potential purchaser will realize these guarantee trouble-free operation. As we noted in the previous blog post, Windows Can Work Magic for Your Home. You will find many ideas there, and in particular you should note that installing new casement, bay or bow windows will bring a whole new look to your curb appeal.

casement windows installation grimsby ontario 830

Install a More Impressive Door

The key element in your home’s curb appeal is undoubtedly the front door itself. There are a variety of entry door materials, each of which brings certain advantages. Both steel doors and fibreglass doors are secure and energy efficient. The difference is that steel is more durable and maintenance free while fiberglass has the look of natural wood. There are a multitude of styles catering to all tastes. To stand out from the crowd, you may wish to consider a custom wood door. You can be confident that a wise choice will be a major contributor to your home’s curb appeal.

Improve Your Driveway

Your driveway provides an instant indicator to anyone of the likely appeal of your home. If it is cracked or stained or has vegetation spouting through it, then this could be seen as a warning sign. Simple repairs and maintenance can remove these minor faults and avoid the cost of major repairs.

Use Stone Veneer

Nothing suggests permanence and high quality more than stone. It can be costly to cover large expenses but using it as an accent material around column footings or concrete foundations can be done with a reasonable budget.

Curb Appeal Has Major Asset Value

It is worth emphasizing once more that curb appeal will make a major impact if you come to sell your home. By keeping it constantly in mind and doing improvement projects from time to time, you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

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