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Windows Can Work Magic For Your Home

Eyes are the window to the soul. That truth has been known for many centuries. In a similar way, the windows of your home have a magical effect on the space where you live. They determine the character of your home both as you experience it and as others see it. It is worth doing a house tour and spending a little time both outside and inside to check how well your windows are working for you. There are a number of aspects that you should consider:

  • What You See Through Your Windows
  • How Much Light Enters Your Home
  • How Windows Define the Space You Live In
  • How Windows Help You Breathe

By checking these four factors in every room of your home, you may find ways to improve what you experience, sometimes at a very modest cost.

What You See Through Your Windows

In many homes, the first and most important factor to consider will be how well you can see that beautiful landscape which surrounds your home. The right windows can open up a much bigger viewing area. In some cases this may require enlarging the window area but in other cases changing the type of windows may improve the view-ability. A window expert can show you the most effective alternatives to achieve your goals at the best cost.

How Much Light Enters Your Home

Closely linked to what you can see through your windows is the amount of light they bring into your home. If some parts of your home feels dark and dim, bringing in more natural light is the best solution. Perhaps a window that is too short or too low on the wall is limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Installing taller windows is an excellent solution here.

In some cases your front door may be a problem in blocking light to your entrance. A front door with glass panels will correct this. In addition or instead, you could consider having transoms and sidelites installed, which will make a major impact.

How Windows Define the Space You Live In

You may find this surprising but if your rooms feel small or narrow, you may be able to give an illusion of more space by installing the right windows. Bay windows are a great choice here that can create more living space. Such windows jut out from the façade of the house if space allows. Bow windows give less space but are very attractive both inside and out. With either bay windows or bow windows, you can create an additional interior space to display ornaments or to give extra sitting space.
In some cases, by installing sliding Patio Doors you can increase the amount of incoming light while increasing the amount of usable space.

How Windows Help You Breathe

If you are concerned about your energy bill, you may feel you should keep windows and doors closed as much is possible. That is really false economy since stale air can affect your own health and the health of every other resident in your home in a negative way. Such stale air may contain dust, mould spores, smoke, bacteria and viruses and your air conditioning system is merely recirculating this toxic mix. Breathing such air can lead to a variety of health problems. Part of the solution can be installing windows that encourage strong air circulation.

Casement windows are a good choice for this. Another possibility is awning windows, which can be left open even during rain showers.

Making The Right Window Choice

If you are thinking that you may have some window problems, then making that house tour we discussed with one of our window experts will quickly give you an idea of the possibilities. We are always most happy to give you our no-obligation views so why not contact us today.

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